Zerowaste Christmas gift ideas for him & for her

by Vera Markova
 Zerowaste Christmas gift ideas for him & for her

With Christmas being right around the corner we decided to roll up the sleeves and give you some Zerowaste Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones. We decided to group them into sets because we believe that your favourite people deserve the full package, rather than just bits and pieces.

We’re starting with:

Zerowaste Christmas gift ideas for her

We all have at least one special HER in our life, a mother, grandmother, sister, partner, daughter, friend, colleague, the list is endless. Well, now it’s time to make her dreams come true and treat her to a gift she won’t forget. 

Does she have a volumenous hair she loves taking care of? Or a funky hairstyle that turns heads the second she walks into a bar?

If the answer is YES! , then treat her to one of our Zerowaste Hair Care sets which includes our liquid QQ Natural shampoo and our top discovery for 2017, the 2 in 1 Vegan Natural Hair mask and conditionerYou can choose between the shampoo with Fuller’s Earth & Lemnograss (suitable for normal to greasy hair) and the one with Lavender (suitable for dry hair). All products are vegan, beautiful, sustainable and made locally. 

If your special HER is more into make-up than hair care, then no worries, we have you covered.

Check out our Zerowaste Make-up Set which includes a Foundation, Mascara & Lipbalm , the essentials which every girl needs for a beautiful day. All of them come packaged in bamboo and some even offer refills! 

If she is more of the outdoor sports type, then get her our Zerowaste Winter Skin Care set which will keep her skin protected even during the harshest weather conditions when she’s skiing, snowboarding or trekking in the mountains. You are probably wondering what does the set contain? We’ll get down to business and tell you that it has a hydrating BB cream with foundation effectZoya's Sweet Almond Lip Balm and a Vanilla Pudding Hand & Body Cream

All of these happy three friends are made locally and are packaged in cute glass jars.

If your special HER is more of the cooking type, then surprise her with our Zerowaste Kitchen Set which contains 3 of our rising stars:

Our Binchotan charcoal water filter 

Our Natural wooden dish brush with a replacaceable head 

And our universal Marseille soap We like to call universal because it has multiple uses:

  • as a dishwashing liquid
  • as a shower gel
  • as a skin toner
  • as a stain remover & more…

If your special HER is more on the practical side, you can surprise her with a Zerowaste Organic Menstrual Care set which includes 1 Pack of pantyliners, 1 Day Pad, 1 Day Pad + and 1 Night Pad + 1 carry pouch so that she can always take her pads with her. This set will not only help her to preserve the environment, but it will also save her money and worries about potential skin rashes or being caught unprepared.

After all of these ideas about your special lady, it’s time to move on to some…

Unisex Zerowaste Christmas gift sets 

We are starting with the Zerowaste Traveller Set which includes a shampoo bara cloth bag and a reusable stainless steel strawWe know how sensitive travellers are to the environmental pollution because unfortunately, the more we travel, the more garbage we see which is why we’re offering this set- 3 small, compact and beautiful items which one can take anywhere. What’s more is that if one is shopping and he/she is in doubt whether their purchase is sustainable, they can scan the QR Code on our cloth bag and send us a message straight away. And with our stainless steel straw, one can sip anywhere, anytime, plastic-free. Of course, the shampoo bar guarantees you clean & beautiful hair, anywhere, any time.

While we’re still on the topic of grooming, we’ll give you another suggestion, our Zerowaste Laundry Set – for a more sustainable & stylish you. It includes an Eco ball for laundry without detergents and our universal Marseille soap

And now we come to the culmination of the article.

Zerowaste Gift Sets for HIM

We have only one but we’re sure it’ll blow your mind. It is the Zerowaste Shaving Set which includes our classy Stainless steel razor , our Shaving soap (which one can use as a shampoo and shower gel too) and our Beard balm.

We hope that you got inspired for a trash-free Christmas with your favourite people! Don’t forget that every beautiful gift requires some sustainable packaging, if you need some ideas about it, STAY TUNED for our next article coming soon!

Love you,

Vera and The Team of Revolucia