Binchotan charcoal water filter


What is this product?

This Binchotan charcoal water filter is your best zerowaste water purifying friend.

How does it work?

This Binchotan charcoal water filter makes your drinking water softer, balancing the pH and adding good minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron which improves the taste of your water and makes it healthier absorbing unpleasant taste and odour, such as those of chlorine.

*It doesn’t absorb the flouride contained in tap water

How is the Binchotan charcoal water filter made?

This is the most sustainable water purifying technique known in Japan since 17th century. It is a renewable product coming from sustainably grown oak trees. The tree branches are put in a kiln and charred at a low temperature for some time, then, at the end of the process, the kiln temperature is raised to about 1000 Cº to make the wood red-hot. The charcoal is then removed and quickly covered with a special powder made from earth, sand and ash, and this gives the charcoal surface a whitish hue (explaining the name ‘white charcoal’). The rapid rise in temperature, followed by a rapid cooling, incinerates the bark and leaves a smooth, hard surface.

How do I use the Binchotan charcoal water filter?

Before first use, please rinse the Binchotan charcoal water filter under running water and brush it gently to remove excess ash. Boil a pot of water and put the Binchotan charcoal water filter in the boiling water for 10 minutes. Then carefully take the filter out of the pot, let it cool down and dry it with a clean towel. Pour the water you’d like to purify in the appropriate jug/bottle, let the Binchotan charcoal water filter sit there for 4-8 hours (we recommend overnight for first use) to filter all of the impurities and voila, your clean water is ready to drink.

Please do not use the Binchotan charcoal water filter with fruit infused water or tea

Occasionally you might notice tiny charcoal pieces in your water but do not worry, swallowing those will do no harm. In fact, many doctors perscribe active charcoal tablets when treating diarrhoea or digestion problems.

How do I take care of my Binchotan charcoal water filter?

Please do not wash it with dishwashing liquid or soap and boil it every 2-3 weeks.

How long can I use the Binchotan charcoal water filter for?

3 months

What is the size of one filter?

Length: 13-17 cm. aprox.
Diameter: 3-4 cm. aprox.
Weight: 70-100 gr. aprox.

How much water does it purify in one go?

3 liters

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