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Here we’ll introduce you to materials about us from different media:

We’re starting with an article from the Young Successful Bulgarians (Младите Успели Българи), thank you for the wonderful material: Read more

Our lovely founder and Brand Manager, Vera was awarded by the council of Women in business in Bulgaria: Read more

Vera represented Revolucia at a meeting of the Zero-waste supporters at the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, check what measures to eliminate the plastic waste were proposed and what is Revolucia’s next coming project from here

Vera’s visit at Otets Paysii School in Kurdzhali, Bulgaria, check out what the students learned about waste management and how the lesson went from here

Vera’s work is recognised not only on local but also on worldwide level, check out Bournemouth University’s article about her from here

In 2018 Vera became part of the inspirational project “She in Plovdiv”, check out what she shared about our beginning, her personal motivation and all of the challenges on the way, here

In the summer of 2019 Vera was a guest of the popular TV show “Social network”, find out what she shared about the zerowaste lifestyle, the sustainable alternatives to plastic disposable items & more.

This is also our founder Vera’s interview for the student project Story.nest. Check out what she shared about whether the Zero Waste LIfestyle is a trend or a vital necessity for the existence of our planet + how to find credible sources of information. The audio is in Bulgarian so if you have a Bulgarian friend around, now it’s a great time to get in touch with them : )

And this is a video made especially for the project Girls Lead. It’s a great honour to have our founder Vera representing Bulgaria as part of such an inspirational project, check out what she shared about our beginning, her motivation to create Green Revolucia, the hurdles on the way and more. The audio over here is in English with Bulgarian subtitles : )

Over here you can also find an episode of the amazing Thrift Sheep Podcast by Rada Boneva. The featured guest is our Founder and Brand Manager Vera and the talk is about volunteering, traveling to interesting places such as India, Kenya, Nepal, preservation of the environment,stories about our work and more : )

It’s in Bulgarian but if you’re interested, we can translate it for you ; )

And this gem is an article about Vera and the beginning of Revolucia published at the print edition of the local newspaper Maritsa. We know it’s in Bulgarian but it’s a great opportunity for you to start a conversation with a Bulgarian friend or take it to a translator, believe us, it’s worth it : )

And this is the online version of the above mentioned article by the local newspaper Maritsa. Check out what Vera had to share about composting, sustainable alternatives of plastic disposable items and why it is important to take care of the environment, here

Over here you can find a great article by Forbes Bulgaria in which Vera is talking about our joint campaign with 11 Bulgarian organisations including Friends of the Earth Bulgaria and Greenpeace Bulgaria. As part of the campaign we’re sharing knowledge and experience on waste reduction, inspiring thousands of people to give up single-use plastics, check out the article now

Here is another intriguing article by the wonderful Tuk-Tam in which Vera is talking about our humble beginning, her volunteer experience in India and Kenya, the hurdles which the Zero Waste Movement is facing in Bulgaria, waste reduction tips & tricks & more, check out the article from here

Second interview for Vera for the “Social Network” TV show on Channel 3 with Milena Yaninska.

The two ladies discussed hot topics such as:

- How much plastic does each one of us digest weekly?

- What effect does that have on us?

- What will change after the European Union single-use plastic directive comes into action?

- How can we reduce our personal waste?

- How can we get involved in the Plastic Free July in Bulgaria campaign & more ; )

You can find the full interview over here

We would like to say a wholehearted thank you to the Bulgarian National Radio for the opportunity to discuss important topics such as:

- What inspired the Plastic Free July in Bulgaria campaign?

- What other initiatives are going to follow the campaign?

- What can each one of us do to reduce their waste?

- How can the legal framework influence a change in the consumption habits in Bulgaria?

You can find the full article here

And here is another inspirational interview of Vera for the morning show of SKAT TV.

Together with the hostess Polina Stoyanova they discussed topics such as :

- How does single-use plastic impact the environment?

- What are the different types of plastic and what are they used for?

- What can we expect after the European Union single-use plastic directive comes into action?

- How can we minimise the waste that we generate at home and in the office?

And more ; )

You can watch the full interview here