Zerowaste Toilet Brush Stand + Brush


What is this product?

This combination of a Zerowaste Toilet Brush Stand + Brush is a great gift for a friend who has just moved into a new home. You can also treat your own toilet with it, giving it a more chic, sustainable and cosy look.

What are these products made of?

The toilet brush stand is made of untreated beechwood, it also has a small clay dish. The brush itself is made of untreated beechwood and has tampico bristles which are obtained from the leaf ribs of agave. The bristles are not only sustainable but also long-lasting and have been used for the manufacturing of different brushes for a long time.

Who are these products manufactured by?

The German champion Redecker, making great quality brushes since 1935.

Can I purchase only a toilet brush?

Yes, click HERE

How does the use of these products help to preserve the environment?

The plastic toilet brushes are not recyclable because sadly they are made of a combination of different types of plastic which makes it very hard to separate. Hence, our old toilet brushes are still at the landfill and are going to outlive us. It’s the same situation with the toilet brush stands. BUT! We don’t have to continue with that detrimental trend, beechwood toilet brushes and stands are a much more reliable and sustainable option. The beechwood toilet brush is completely compostable (beechwood handle + tampico bristles). If you take good care of your toilet brush stand, it can stay with you for a long time, instead of the plastic one which you have to throw away every other year : (

How do I take better care of my Beechwood Toilet Stand & Brush?

Keep the brush on the stand. You can soak the brush with some vinegar & baking soda and you can clean the small clay dish with a bit of Marseille soap and water.

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