Zerowaste straw cleaning brush


What is this product?

This Zerowaste straw cleaning brush is your best friend for fighting the sustainability cause. You can use it for cleaning any straw-bamboo, stainless steel, glass, etc.

What is this Zerowaste straw cleaning brush made of?

It’s made of stainless steel, the same type used for manufacturing your favourite spoons, forks, etc.

Can I purchase a straw + a cleaning brush?

Of course, there are a few options. You can purchase:

A set of 1 pouch+1 straw+1 cleaning brush or

A set of 1 straw+1 cleaning brush

What if I’d like to get more than 1 straw?

Then, check these two options:

A set of 1 pouch+4 straws+1 cleaning brush or

A set of 4 straws+ 1 cleaning brush

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