Soothing herbal bath bomb Luna, 5 cm


What is this product?

This Soothing herbal bath bomb Luna is just what you need after working out or after a long tiring day at work. It’s completely natural, even its color is formed by a natural pigment. Its fresh scent is due to the essential oils of lavender and rosemary and it leaves your skin soft and smooth after use due to the coconut and olive oils it contains.

What is this Soothing herbal bath bomb Luna made of?

Bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, epsom salt, olive oil, coconut oil, witch hazel, hibiscus powder, lavender and rosemary essential oils

It’s vegan and has never been tested on animals. The manufacturing company is completely against such practices!

How do I use it?

Fill up the tub, turn the relaxing music on and sink into the beautiful atmosphere together with this Soothing herbal bath bomb.

How does the use of this product help to preserve the environment?

It’s vegan and handmade. Comes packaged only in paper instead of the typical unrecyclable plastic container.

What’s more?

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