Pack of 3 reusable pantyliners without PUL


What is this product?

The Reusable Pantyliners without PUL are the new member of our eco-friendly family 🙂 They are your ideal companion during daily discharge or light flow days.

What are the reusable Pantyliners without PUL made of?

They are made of 3 ultra-absorbent cotton flannel layers inside & soft cotton flannel on the top and clip perfectly to your underwear with nickel-free plated snaps. The size of one pantyliner is 18cm length x 7cm width when clipped. The packaging is made of recycled paper.

What is PUL?

One layer of Polyurethane laminate fabric used to improve the absorbency rate of pads & pantyliners and to prevent potential leakages.

What is more?

With every set of reusable pantyliners you purchase, you donate one cotton pad to a girl in India through Eco Femme’s “Pad for Pad” program.

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