Organic cotton pantyliner – dark colour – package-free


What is this product?

This organic cotton pantyliner – dark colour – package-free is something that you’ve probably already seen on our website but sold in a pack of 3 pantyliners. What’s new in this case is that we managed to find a more sustainable and affordable way to entice those of you who haven’t tried reusable pantyliners yet to purchase 1, package-free and see whether they like it, instead of buying a pack of 3 which will arrive in recycled paper packaging.

The main thing which we’re aiming towards is reducing the use of natural resources and this is a great way to show that living more sustainably is not an unrealistic goal but a rather easy and mindful objective to have.

This organic cotton pantyliner – dark colour – package-free is an innovative way to tackle the menstrual waste which the average woman generates while being on her period. Did you know that the plastic used for making 1 plastic disposable pad equals the plastic used for making 4 shopping plastic bags? When you purchase one of our pads you donate 1 to a girl in need in India thanks to the initiative “Pad for Pad” run by the manufacturing company Eco Femme. You can use the pantyliner for up to 5 years with the correct care, if you have any questions about it, we are always here to help.

ATTENTION! The price of 6.50 leva (3.32 Euros) is valid for 1 pantyliner, not for a pack of 3

What is this Organic cotton pantyliner made of?

3 ultra-absorbent organic cotton flannel layers inside, one soft organic cotton flannel top, one extra layer of breathable PUL leakproof backing which makes it more absorbent, it clips to your underwear with nickel-free plated snaps.

What is PUL?

One layer of Polyurethane laminate fabric used to improve the absorbency rate of pads & pantyliners and to prevent potential leakages.

What is the size of this Organic cotton pantyliner?

Size: 18cm length x 7cm width when clipped

What is more?                                               

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