Natural vegan wooden bath brush with tampico fibre bristles


What is this product?

This Natural vegan wooden bath brush can be used for both scrubbing the body and cleaning the bathroom. The handle is removable which on one hand makes it ideal for scrubbing the bathroom floor, the shower and the sink. The long handle, on the other hand, makes it perfect for scrubbing the body.

What is this Natural vegan wooden bath brush made of?

The handle is made of untreated beechwood, the bristles are made of tampico fibres. Tampico is a type of agave which grows in Mexico and is often used for making different types of brushes because its bristles are quite long-lasting.

How do I take care of my Natural vegan wooden bath brush?

Dry after use and store at a dry place.

How does the use of this Natural vegan wooden bath brush help to preserve the environment?

It’s vegan and plant-based + 100% biodegradable and…package-free 🙂 What more can one ask for?

What is its size?

Length (including handle): 45 cm

Length of the brush, without the handle: 13,5 cm

Width: 8 cm

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