Makeup remover cotton pads (reusable and handmade)


A set of 10 makeup remover cotton pads

We’re very happy to be able to provide a new source of income for the local seamstresses! How? By introducing this adorable, eco-friendly set of makeup remover cotton pads! You might be wondering why we have chosen the square shape? Well, after extensive research and consultations with designers and seamstresses, it was clear that this was the most trash-free shape as the rest were producing a lot more fabric waste. So, in our typical eco-passionate spirit, we went for square all in 🙂 Each set comes with a special mesh laundry bag which you can put together with your colorful clothes every time you do laundry. Handwashing is also a good option. You can add a few drops of essential oil to preserve the softness of the fabric and voila- your new makeup remover cotton pads are ready for a new day and they smell great : )

What’s more about the makeup remover cotton pads?

You do not have to run to the store every time you need some more make-up remover pads!  They’ll just be in your drawer waiting for you : ) No more plastic packaging waste, no more dirty cotton rounds in the bin and they save you money too! The average Bulgarian spends 1 Euro on makeup remover pads each month, which makes 12 Euros per year and 60 Euros for 5 years, with the reusable makeup remover cotton pads you spend 4.60 Euros once and that’s it, you’re saving your wallet 55.4 Euros (for 5 years) and you’re contributing towards the preservation of our planet! We all work hard for our money, let’s spend it sustainably, on causes and products which represent our values and principles.

*Handmade here in Bulgaria with locally sourced cotton flannel

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