Kids bamboo toothbrush – green


What is this product?

We can’t wait to introduce you to our Tooth Fairy who is here to clean the teeth of your kid : )

What is this Kids bamboo toothbrush made of?

Its handle is made of MOSO bamboo, the only type which is not consumed by endangered pandas. The bristles are made of BPA-free recycled nylon.

What is the packaging of this Kids bamboo toothbrush made of?

You probably know our love and appreciation for the nature and its resources. For that reason every single day we strive to come up with innovative #zerowaste ideas and we’re thrilled to share that this toothbrush comes in a paper pouch and a cardboard box which contains all of the information about the product, printed without the use of any color marks.

How often should I change my Kids bamboo toothbrush?

We recommend changing it every month and every time after getting ill.

What are the bristles of this toothbrush?

Soft/Medium but please bear in mind that the bristles are more gentle because they’re made of recycled nylon.

What can I do with my bamboo toothbrush once it’s worn out?

You can use it as a cleaning brush for different surfaces, as a shoe brush as well or to mark specific plants at home. If you prefer to compost it, please first remove its bristles using pliers.

Do you have adult bamboo toothbrushes?

Yes, of course. We have 3 options – with charcoal bristles & whitening properties and with pink and green bristles. You can check them out here.

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