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Marseille soap (different sizes)

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Product description

What is this product?

*ATTENTION! The big Marseille soap of 400 grams is in a square shape (like on picture 1) and the small Marseille soap of 100 grams is in a rectangular shape (like on picture 2).

This Zerowaste universal vegan Marseille soap is your ticket to a zerowaste lifestyle. You’ll ask…


Because it is a package-free substitute of plenty of products such as:

*The facial cleanser. We know how annoying it is to fight on two battle grounds – with plastic waste and with blackheads. This Zerowaste universal vegan Marseille soap sorts out both of these problems.

*The dishwashing liquid. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to substitute the dishwashing liquid which often comes in plastic bottles. We also didn’t know before we discovered the Zerowaste universal vegan Marseille soap which comes package-free and doesn’t contain ANY palm oil which makes it suitable for all skin types including sensitive and acne prone.

*The shower gel. This wonderful Zerowaste universal vegan Marseille soap is based on olive oil which makes it the perfect nourishment for your skin.

*The laundry detergent. This product puts an end to the spending on laundry detergents. You can use it for both handwashing and machine-wash, whether you’re removing a stain from your silk blouse or washing your sports leggings in the machine, the Zerowaste universal vegan Marseille soap is here for you. If you’re handwashing clothes, soak them with a bit of soap in cool water for 20-30 minutes and then rinse. If you’re doing a machine-wash, then grate 50g of the Marseille soap and mix it with hot water and voila, you get a zerowaste laundry detergent.

*The cleaning detergent. We all know the havoc and disappointment when we enter the conventional store and we start looking for cleaning detergents with good properties and sustainable packaging. In the end we can rarely find any. But chin up, we still have the Zerowaste universal vegan Marseille soap which you can apply directly on the surfaces you’re cleaning or on the sponge/piece of cloth that you’re using. We recommend adding a few drops of vinegar in the end for a sparkling final touch.

*Insecticides. Yes, we know that it’s quite hard to have a healthy plant without the use of plant protection products and fertilizers but the Zerowaste universal vegan Marseille soap is here to help you when fighting the insects. Grate 2 table spoons and dissolve in warm water. Put it in a spray bottle and apply on affected plants.

And after all…what is this Zerowaste universal vegan Marseille soap made of?

Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Aqua (Water), Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide.

How does the use of this product help to preserve the environment?

It replaces quite a few products which are usually packaged in plastic. It’s gentle to the environment and the skin and decomposes in 28 days. Doesn’t contain ANY palm oil. Also, it’s way too special to be put in a box. That’s why it comes package-free : )

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