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Zerowaste shampoo bar for normal to dry hair

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Product description

Hi, dear!

Thank you for your interest in our sustainable products. As you probably already know we always try to provide you with the best possible prices and services and for that reason we would like to introduce you to our latest service "SUBSCRIBE & SAVE".

How does it work?

You can order any of the products that you see listed under "SUBSCRIBE & SAVE" and get them delivered to your address every month, every two months, every 3 months or every 4 months, depending on your needs and preferences. When you subscribe for the delivery of a product, you automatically receive a 10% discount on it during each delivery.

You can subscribe by clicking on the circle next to OPT FOR AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION AND GET 10% OFF. Then you'll see a dropdown menu from which you can choose your delivery plan. Your subscription is valid for a year, if you'd like to continue using the service afterwards, you need to subscribe again.

How do I pay for the service SUBSCRIBE & SAVE?

The only payment option for the moment is Paypal. This is because it provides guaranteed protection of your money and a very easy cancellation. Paypal will charge you for each delivery separately. For example, if you have subscribed for the delivery of a shampoo bar every two months the first time you'll be charged only for the price and the delivery of the shampoo bar you're receiving this month. In two months time when you receive your new shampoo bar, you will be charged again for the price of the product and its delivery. Please, maintain a positive balance on your Paypal account, if you do not have enough funds over there, our system cannot confirm your payment and therefore, we cannot send your products.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You need to login at your Paypal account. Then click on Settings, the icon right next to Log out, then you click on Payments on the blue line. Afterwards you click on Manage your Automatic Payments - Change, then you'll see all of your recurring payments, you'll see the one to us as a payment to Revolucia4 because this is the official name of our company. Then on Status you'll see active and next to it - cancel. Click on cancel and your subscription will end automatically. If you have any additional questions about that, you can always email us at or call us on +359 885 46 88 45 .

And now after we've introduced you to our new service it's about time that we tell you a little bit more about our shampoo bar for normal to dry hair as well : )

What is this product?

This Zerowaste shampoo bar for normal to dry hair is your number 1 helper when it comes to preserving our planet. It is economical, light and easy to carry which makes it ideal for travelling. It substitues 2 liquid shampoo bottles of 250 ml each and contains only natural ingredients without any sulphates, parabens, artifical aromas and coloring agents. Gentle to your hair & the environment.

How do I use this Zerowaste shampoo bar for normal to dry hair?

Get under the shower, wet your hair and the bar until it foams; massage your scalp with the bar; rinse off and voila ! Time to go out and impress the world with your volumenous hair : )

What is this product made of?

Sodium cocoyl isethionate, Cocos nucifera oil (coconut oil) , Kaolin (white clay), decyl glucoside, stearic acid, capril/caprilil glucoside, glycerin, citrus paradisi peel oil (grapefruit essential oil), cinnamonum zeylanicum oil (cinnamon essential oil), cananga odorata oil (ylang-ylang essential oil), mica (mineral oxide) CI 77007, *geraniol, *limonene.

*Naturally occuring components in essential oils.

What size is it?

50 g

How does this Zerowaste shampoo bar for normal to dry hair help to preserve the environment?

It is made locally, here in Bulgaria. Moreover, it comes in a carton box which you can repurpose after use or recycle. It is also cruelty-free and 100% biodegradable, hence it doesn’t polute our rivers, seas and oceans and it doesn’t contaminate the soil.

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