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Plantable Greeting Card I love you

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Product description

What is this product?

This Plantable Greeting Card "I love you" is a beautiful & sustainable gift for anyone close to your heart - your other half, parent, best friend, colleague,etc.

What makes this Plantable Greeting Card I love you so special?

The fact that the recipient can tear it into small pieces and plant it. This way he/she receives two gifts in 1 - a card to read and a flower to plant and cherish. Each card arrives in an envelope made of recycled paper.

What is the card made of?

It's handmade of recycled paper and a mix of poppy, forget-me-not and celosia seeds.

How can I plant it?

Put it in a flower pot or dig a hole. Cover with 3 layers of soil, water it every day and you'll see the first results in a week's time. The best time to plant outdoors is from May till September, whereas you can plant in a flower pot all year round. Make sure that there is enough light, heat and water.

Are there any other types of plantable greeting cards?

Yes, of course, you can check them out HERE

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