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Patchouli and Oud Soy Wax Candle

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Product description

What is this product?

Sustainably formulated, hand poured soy wax candle with a gorgeous aroma of patchouli and oud. Made locally here in Bulgaria.

What ingredients is it made of?

Natural soy wax, essentials oils, aromas, with a wooden wick

The essential oils provide a rich aroma and have a therapeutic effect on your mind and body.

Why did we decide to go for soy wax?

The soy wax is natural, toxic-free and carcinogen-free. Soy wax candles, unlike paraffin ones burn slower and do not pollute the air.

Why should one choose candles with wooden wicks?

Because wooden wicks are made of a natural material and they help your candles to burn longer : )

How long does this candle burn for?

30 hours

Are there any other soy wax candles available?

Yes, you can check them out here

How does the use of this product help to preserve the environment?

Unlike paraffin which is a chemically bleached by-product of petroleum, soy is a natural, fast-growing crop. Soy wax candles have a pleasant aroma which purifies the air instead of polluting it with toxic substances like benzol and toluene which is the case with paraffin based candles.

Also, candles with a metal wick or a wick made of cotton + metal emit soot in which one can find particles of zinc, lead, formaldehyde and cadmium.

Luckily, candles with wooden wicks do not pose such threats to one’s health.

And last but not least, this candle is made locally here in Bulgaria, comes in a glass jar and it’s packaged in a small cute carton box.

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