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Ladies hemp and organic cotton boxer briefs

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Product description

What is this product?

Soft, comfortable and long-lasting boxer briefs made locally, here in Bulgaria.

The combination of hemp and organic cotton makes them light and very comfy.

The fabric has antibacterial properties, it is also UV-resistant and breathable which makes the boxer briefs ideal for sports, walks, daily commutes and more.

How much hemp and how much organic cotton are they made of?

18% hemp, 77% organic cotton, 5% elastane

How are they packaged?

Wrapped in a thin layer of paper and then packaged in a small pretty cardboard box.

Are there any other models?

Yes, we have a few more – bikinis, thongs and boxer briefs. Check them out HERE

What makes these boxer briefs more eco-friendly than the regular cotton ones?

Growing conventional cotton requires twice as much water in comparison to hemp. Also, growing conventional cotton requires the use of pesticides which has a detrimental effect on our soil. Growing hemp enriches the soil and does not require the use of any pesticides.

Sadly, finding hemp fabric at an affordable price is a complicated task so these boxer briefs are enhanced with unbleached, organic, pesticide-free cotton.

Wrapped in only 1 layer of paper and put in a small cardboard box which you can compost or recycle.

Bonus point is also the fact that they’re made locally over here in Bulgaria by the skilful hands of local seamstresses : )

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