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Collapsible coffee cup

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Product description

What is this product?

This collapsible reusable coffee cup is your best bud when tackling the problem with the use of disposable plastic and paper cups. We created it because we wanted to make the process of getting a coffee to go in your own cup more pleasant, more efficient and smoother. You might still wonder WHY? Has ever getting a coffee in your own cup been difficult?

Unfortunately, yes and it still is if you’re not equipped with the “right” type of a cup over here in Bulgaria. We’ve been explaining baristas for a long time how important it is for us not to use any paper or plastic cups BUT…

A lot of them refused pouring our coffee to go in our own cups saying:”Well, I’ll pour it into a plastic/paper cup and you can pour it into your cup afterwards” which defeats the purpose of getting your own reusable coffee cup at first place as you can imagine.

They all gave us different reasons for their behaviour but we noticed one thing. They all refused to pour our coffee into our own cup when the cup didn’t fit under their machine. We went through all sorts of situations – using small mustard jars as coffee cups, carrying small porcelaine coffee cups everywhere we went but we ended up breaking a few of them, especially while traveling because they were all fragile and is there a person who has never dropped their bag? If yes, we’d love to meet him/her and get him/her a cup of coffee : )

We even made a video illustrating the problem of trying to get a coffee to go in your own cup here in Bulgaria. You can check it out HERE

And after many, many talks with baristas and suffering customers, we decided to roll up the sleeves and solve this issue.

What are the advantages of this collapsible reusable coffee cup?


  • Light
  • Compact
  • It can be collapsed into 3 different sizes
  • It fits under every machine so that no barista can refuse to pour your coffee into it : )
  • By using a reusable coffee cup you’re saving the environment thousands of unrecyclable coffee cups.Between 200-300 coffee cups are used in a typical Bulgarian cafe selling coffee to go. That makes 2000 cups a week, more than 110 000 cups a year. For 1000 cafes, that number would be 110 000 000 a year.

What sizes can you collapse this reusable coffee cup into?

  • 355 ml for a latte with coconut milk : )
  • 295 ml for a capuccino
  • 235 ml for a quick espresso

Don’t be afraid to collapse the cup, the more you do it, the easier and faster it gets.

What material is the coffee cup made of?

FDA food grade silicone. It doesn’t contain BPA, of course.

Can you wash this cup in a dishwasher?

Yes, you can also put it in a microwave.

Can I get a coffee in my collapsible coffee cup and then put the cup in my bag?

We wouldn’t recommend putting a cup full of coffee into your bag because the material the cup’s been made of is quite light and the cup can get squashed between other heavier items.

Will this reusable coffee cup keep my coffee warm?

No because silicone doesn’t have such properties. If keeping your drink warm is your main priority, we’d suggest checking out reusable flasks/bottles made of stainless steel. Check out our suggestions HERE

Aren’t paper cups recyclable?

No, because they actually have an inner layer of plastic. That’s why they’re able to hold liquid without leaking and why they don’t get broken down into pulp and turned into recycled paper. Moreover, paper and plastic cups are not only harmful for our environment but a health hazard for us (as plastic tends to emit harmful chemicals when in contact with hot drinks).

What is more?

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