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Eco ball for laundry without detergents

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Product description

What is this product?

The Eco ball for laundry without detergents puts an end to the endless clothes washing with expensive detergents. No more accumulated plastic bottles to worry about. One revolutionary product for natural clothes washing without phosphates.

How many times can I use the Eco ball for laundry without detergents for?

You can use it up to 1000 times which substitutes around 50 laundry detergents and saves you 80% of your money.

Ideal for people allergic to laundry detergents and for people with sensitive skin.

What is more?

The eco ball contains minerals which activate the water and destroy the harmful ions in it. The process is called water ionisation and removes dirt and stains from the washed clothes in no time. Moreover, the minerals have antibacterial and alkaline properties which eliminate the bacteria, activate the water and change its pH. Last but not least, the minerals have a chlorosorbent action which decreases the amount of chlorine in the water and increases laundry efficiency.

*** NB! The ball is suitable for laundry of clothes, bedding sheets, etc. which do not have any hard stains. It doesn't have any aroma so if you miss that, you can add fabric softener. If you have any hard stains you can apply apple vinegar on the stains before doing the laundry or alternatively you can wash with laundry detergent/powder.

How to use:

Put the eco ball together with your clothes in the machine or soak together with your clothes for hand washing

For machine wash: Use it for regular machine washing at a temperature not higher than 60°C

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