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Children's hemp and organic cotton hipster

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Product description


What is this product?

Soft, comfortable and long-lasting children's hipster made locally, here in Bulgaria.

The combination of hemp and organic cotton makes it light and very comfy.

The fabric has antibacterial properties, it is also UV-resistant and breathable which makes the hipster suitable not only for the summer heat but also for the cold winter days.

How much hemp and how much organic cotton is this children's hipster made of?

55% hemp, 45%organic cotton

How is it packaged?

Wrapped in a thin layer of paper and then packaged in a small pretty cardboard box which you can reuse, recycle or compost.

Are there any other models of hemp and organic cotton underwear for children?

Yes, we have a few more – boxer shorts and hemp and organic cotton bikinis. Check them out HERE

Are there any models of hemp and organic cotton underwear for adults?

Yes, we have a couple of different bikinis, boxer briefs, boxer shorts and thongs. Check them out HERE

What makes this hemp and organic cotton children's hipster more eco-friendly than the regular cotton one?

Growing conventional cotton requires twice as much water in comparison to hemp. Also, growing conventional cotton requires the use of pesticides which has a detrimental effect on our soil. Growing hemp enriches the soil and does not require the use of any pesticides.

Sadly, finding hemp fabric at an affordable price is a complicated task so this hipster is enhanced with unbleached, organic, pesticide-free cotton.

Wrapped in only 1 layer of paper and put in a small cardboard box which you can compost or recycle.

Bonus point is also the fact that it is made locally over here in Bulgaria by the skilful hands of local seamstresses : )

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