Eco-friendly vegan bottle & baby bottle brush


What is this product?

This Eco-friendly vegan bottle & baby bottle brush is your zerowaste kitchen helper. You can use it to clean anything from your water bottle, your beer glass, your smoothie jar or baby bottle 🙂

What is this Eco-friendly vegan bottle & baby bottle brush made of?

It is made by a small family-run company in Germany, the handle is a combination of wire and untreated beechwood and the bristles are made of tampico fibres. Tampico is a type of agave which grows in Mexico and is used for making different types of brushes because it is very long-lasting.

How big is the brush?

Length (including handle): 32 cm

Length without the handle: 13 cm

Diameter: 4.5 cm

How does the use of this eco-friendly vegan bottle & baby bottle brush help to preserve the environment?

It is sold package-free and it’s vegan and made of compostable (beechwood and tampico) and recyclable materials (wire).

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