What is this product?

This set of 4 BAMBOO STRAWS + 1 CLEANING BRUSH is just the right one for you if:

– You are looking for #zerowaste compact & light drinking straws

– You want to take them everywhere

-You avoid BPA by all means. BPA is a harmful chemical found in plastic straws that mimics the activity of hormones, most commonly estrogen, which can lead to a number of reproductive disorders and other conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. Good news is that bamboo straws are BPA free.

-You want to substitute plastic straws at your beach & garden parties

Size of 1 bamboo straw: Length – 20 cm, Diameter – 1.1

Can I use them more than once?

Yes! You can use them many times as long as you keep them clean. We recommend washing them with hot water & soap/dishwashing liquid before first use.

How do I take care of them?

Rinse them with hot water & soap/dishwashing liquid after every use. If you want to make sure that they’re 100% clean, use the cleaning brush to clean their inside. You can also boil them for a few minutes with a bit of white vinegar once a month.

What if they get damaged?

They are a natural & fragile product so if any of them breaks, just compost it.

Can I purchase only 1 straw instead of 4?

Yes, of course. You can buy 1 CARRY POUCH + 1 BAMBOO STRAW + 1 CLEANING BRUSH from here


What is the carry pouch made of?

Cotton flannel. It’s suitable for everyone who values the environment and chooses to take their reusable cutlery everywhere to avoid using plastic.

Can I order just a carry pouch?

Yes, you can order it from here

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