Детска бамбукова четка за зъби – зелена


Какво представлява този продукт?

Нямаме търпение да ви представим тази зелена вълшебница, отговорна за чистотата на зъбките на вашето дете : )

От какъв материал е направена?

Дръжката ѝ е направена от бамбук MOSO, единственият вид, който не се консумира от застрашените панди. Косъмчетата са направени от рециклиран найлон и не съдържат Бисфенол – А.

В какво е опакована тази Детска бамбукова четка за зъби?

Lifestyle without waste is our philosophy and inspiration to find innovative and sustainable solutions every day. It is for this reason that this toothbrush is packaged in a paper bag and cardboard box that contains all the information you need to use the product without the need for color codes.

How Long Can This Baby Bamboo Toothbrush Be Used?

We recommend a change every month, as well as immediately after illness.

What is the hardness of this bamboo toothbrush?

Medium rigid, but keep in mind that the hairs are softer than ordinary ones because they are made of recycled nylon.

What to do with this toothbrush after we no longer need it properly?

You can discard or compost the paper bag and packaging in the recycling bin. You can use the toothbrush itself to clean different surfaces at home or dirty shoes, instead of the traditional shoe sponge, as well as to label plants. If you want to compost it, be sure to remove the pliers before meeting the composter:)

Are there bamboo toothbrushes and larger ones?

Yes of course. We offer 3 options – with bleaching properties and activated carbon, as well as with pink and green hairs. You can see them  here

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