Meet the team


CEO and Brand Manager

The girl with the ambitious dream of changing the world.

Vera believes that education and positive example are the key to turning this world into a kinder, greener and more compassionate place.

That’s the reason why she created Revolucia to spread information about the harm which plastic disposable items are causing to us and to our planet and to show alternatives which add more value to both us and our Mother Earth.

A few interesting facts about her:

  • She spent almost two years volunteering at different eco-friendly projects in India  where she got the inspiration to put all of the “theory into practice” and create Revolucia
  • She got stung by a scorpion during her first week of volunteering in India… and a poisonous one but she is a natural-born survivor so that couldn’t stop her from completing her mission 🙂
  • She lived in a tent at Samburu County, Kenya for a month
  • She has hitchhiked all the way from England to Germany for 36 hours raising funds for the Make-A- Wish Foundation
  • She has traveled to more than 25 countries including exotic destinations such as Sri Lanka, China and Japan and has no intention to stop 🙂
  • She has trekked to the first base of Everest Base Camp, Nepal



Revolucia’s Ambassador

A business lady, model and founder of Young Ladies’ Academy

Krasi is an inspiration for us and many girls striving for a more conscious and fulfilling life.

A few interesting facts about her:

  • She graduated from the French College in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • At the age of 21 she became the youngest leader of a Multilevel Marketing Company
  • Krasi is a person with multiple talents. Apart from everything listed above, she is also an actress, a host and a dancesport dancer



The cutest team member 🙂

Reminding us to be humble and grateful every single day!

  • Bella was adopted by Vera’s parents 4 years ago when she was only 2 years old, living on the streets of Bulgaria.
  • Despite the hardships she’s been through such as the cold winter weather of Bulgaria and the lack of food on the streets, she remained a jolly and cuddly dog, giving love to everyone.
  • She plays a very important role in our team reminding us that doing good is what matters most and it’s much more valuable than any short-term profit.


All of you

We wouldn’t be what we are today if it wasn’t for your support! Thank you so much for your interest, valuable feedback and time.

Reach out anytime you’d like to ask us a question, give a suggestion, feedback or anything else, we care about you!
















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