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Zero Waste Lectures and Workshops

Green Revolucia is the first Zero Waste shop in Bulgaria founded by Vera Markova in 2017.

Vera is not only Green Revolucia’s founder but also a keen lecturer and waste reduction consultant.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from the most prestigious institution for that academic discipline, Bournemouth University. During her final year of studies Vera wins a volunteering scholarship and travels to a sustainable campus in India where she stays for two years and experiences living without generating any waste and with a 0 carbon footprint. She collects ideas, gets inspired and comes back to Bulgaria in 2017 to spread awareness and knowledge of the Zero Waste Lifestyle.

Amongst her clients are companies like SiteGround, Roche, Rotary Club, Zelena Rabotilnitsa, Furniture Showroom Napredak and more.

If you would like to reduce the waste that your company generates or to inspire your employees and colleagues to live more sustainably, you can get in touch with Vera at or by phone at +359 885 46 88 45


Thanks to our work we discovered that one of the most interesting and loved ways to learn about the Zero Waste Lifestyle and philosophy is by participating at a workshop where everyone gets the chance to make something of their own using only sustainable materials so we have a variety of workshops to offer you : )

We work only with professionals in the industry amongst whom you can find two founders of successful sustainable cosmetic companies, the founder of the first upcycling studio in Bulgaria, a licensed local manufacturer of beeswax wraps and a young lady who turns discarded fabric into irresistible treasures.

Amongst the workshops that we can offer are:

How to make a natural lip balm?

How to make sustainable hand cream?

How to make a set of reusable beeswax wraps?

How to make a cloth bag out of an old T-shirt?

How to make a watch out of an old book?

How to make Christmas decorations out of vintage light bulbs?

We also have plenty of other workshops and of course, we can make new ones especially for you so if you have any ideas or questions, you can get in touch directly with our founder, Vera at or by phone at +359 885 46 88 45

Here you can find reviews that we have received for our Zero Waste Lectures and Workshops:

Thank you very much for the great lecture! We’ve received only positive feedback from all attending colleagues.

Stanimira Ivanova, SiteGround


Vera's 0waste lecture was quite interesting. Using a different outlook and experience she managed to convey her message remarkably well and convinced our team to try to change their habits.