#zerowaste Saint Valentine’s. Check out HOW

by Vera Markova
 #zerowaste Saint Valentine’s. Check out HOW

We often draw your attention to the worldwide problem of waste accumulation – at the landfill, at home when we get way more stuff than we need, in the air as a result of burnt plastic waste…The picture is far from pretty but we can join forces and be more considerate towards the planet and our beloved people. As one Indian proverb goes:” We haven’t inherited the land we live on from our ancestors, we’ve borrowed it from our children.”

How do we start then?

Let’s give only gifts and experiences that our beloved person needs. Take a look at home, check if he/she has just a little bit left of a product he/she loves and uses regularly such as shampoo, hair mask & conditioner, soap, body lotion and so on. Once you find that he/she’s running out of something, get him/her the missing piece : )

You can add the element of surprise as well. For instance, if your partner has used only liquid shampoos so far, get him a shampoo bar.

Here are a few #zerowaste options:

Shampoo bar for normal to greasy hair

Shampoo bar for normal to dry hair 

If he/she needs a soap bar, then here are a few ideas:

Handmade lavender soap bar

Ginger & cloves soap bar 

And number 3, our dear darling The Vegan Universal Marseille Soap 

Why do we love it so much, you’d ask…Well, because it substitutes so many products that we just can’t help it. Check this out, it replaces your:

  • Facial cleanser
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Laundry detergent
  • Cleaning detergent
  • Shower gel & more…

If your other half is more into body lotions, then you can check our beautiful & sustainable options such as:

With lavender and ylang-ylang

With vanilla

If he/she is more into #vintage, then surprise him/her with a stainless steel razor. That one often causes the “WOW” effect and can be used by both ladies & gentlemen. We spent ages looking for it so we’re super proud that we got to find such a jewel in the end : )

Your partner isn’t much into cosmetics  but he/she loves food?

Chin up then : ) We have something that is going to make his/her day beeswax food wrap.

This is not only a beautiful gift but also a very handy and sustainable one which reduces the waste in the kitchen, saves room in the fridge and brings a smile to the owner’s face : )

Your significant other has everything he/she needs?

In that case, you can surprise him/her with an experience gift:

– Choose a movie that he/she’s going to like and take him/her to the movie theatre. Classic : )

– Take him/her out for dinner. Choose either a place that he/she really loves or give him/her a brand new experience. If you happen to be in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, then we recommend the Poco Loco restaurant – quiet music, amazing Italian & Mexican food and other #zerowaste pleasures such as mineral water in a glass bottle and cloth napkins. For a complete sustainable rhapsody you can order him/her a cocktail and surprise him/her with 1 of our stainless steel straws : )

– If he/she is a wine fan, then take him on a wine tasting date. Our friends from Bulgaria Wine Tours have some great suggestions

– If he/she needs a new haircut or coloring, surprise him/her with an appointment at his/her favourite salon

– If your significant other is a lady, treat her to a professional make-up session. You can also spice up the gift with 1 mineral foundation or an eyeliner. Now we also have a 50% DISCOUNT on all Zao products till 18th February 2019, so the timing is perfect : )

– If your other half is gentleman who takes good care of his beard, treat him to an appointment at the barber shop and a new beard balm

He/she is a very active person. Can’t stay still!

No worries, we have you covered:

– Check out the ice skating rink. One of the best things about winter season is that it allows you to try a few more different sports. Discover the charm of ice skating, even if you’re not a pro, you’ll get a good laugh

– Another option is to check out wall climbing. Chill out, you don’t have to do it outside, there’re plenty of options indoors, too

– If your partner is more into classical sports, get him/her a card for the gym

– If he/she isn’t into cardio and weight lifting, surprise him/her with a card for yoga classes

Whatever you choose, don’t forget that the greatest gift of all is not the items you give one another but the love that you share!

Wishing you an ocean of love and an inspiration for good deeds : )


Vera and The Team of Revolucia