Zerowaste Christmas Gift wrapping made simple. Check out how?

by Vera Markova
 Zerowaste Christmas Gift wrapping made simple. Check out how?

Christmas is literally knocking on the door and after our previous Zerowaste Christmas Gift Guide article we decided to offer you our top zerowaste gift wrapping tips so that you can surprise your loved ones with sustainable & fabulous presents.

What do I need?

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Thread
  • Laces
  • Old newspapers/magazines
  • Fabric
  • A bit of glue
  • Some plants-leaves, dried flowers, small pine tree branches

Look around the house and check what you can put to use, maybe you have an old pyjama you’re not wearing anymore and you can’t think of anyone else to give it to? Or some old magazines/newspapers?

Are you still missing stuff? No worries, take a walk around the neighbourhood, check what you can find-some fallen leaves, pine tree branches? The possibilities are endless, let your imagination fly!

How do I start?

Think of what gift you are wrapping, is it big or small? What box does it fit in? That’s very important because it will determine how to wrap the box-how much fabric/newspapers/magazines you need.

  1. Put the gift in the box.
  2. Put some glue on the box.
  3. Wrap around the newspapers/magazines/fabric.
  4. Decorate with some leaves/dried flowers/pine tree branches and voilà!

How about the Christmas cards?

Right, we were going to forget these…Just joking lol

Vera is a huge fan of handmade cards, for the past 3 years her awesome mum has been making some from recycled paper and thread. As simple as that!

Find a small cardboard sheet, fold in two. Then start decorating, use the thread as a pencil-draw a Christmas tree, snowman, sun, anything that your heart desires. We’ve decided to write Merry Christmas on ours in both-Bulgarian and English : )

And we want you to have a Very Merry One! With some yummy homemade food, your beloved people and some great presents and moments to remember!

Love you,

Vera and The Team of Revolucia