Consulting services

Green Revolucia is the first Zero Waste shop in Bulgaria founded by Vera Markova in 2017.

Vera is not only Green Revolucia’s founder but also a keen lecturer and waste reduction consultant.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from the most prestigious institution for that academic discipline, Bournemouth University. During her final year of studies Vera wins a volunteering scholarship and travels to a sustainable campus in India where she stays for two years and experiences living without generating any waste and with a 0 carbon footprint. She collects ideas, gets inspired and comes back to Bulgaria in 2017 to spread awareness and knowledge of the Zero Waste Lifestyle.

She has helped plenty of companies to optimize their activities and reduce the waste they generate. Amongst them are the alternative festival Meadows in the Mountains, Furniture Showroom Napredak, Odeon Msc, Bulbo Projects and more.

If you’d like to discuss the opportunity of working together, you can get in touch directly with Vera at
or by phone at +359 885 46 88 45

Here you can find reviews that we have received for our Consulting services:

We are glad that we got the opportunity to work with Vera Markova, she is a professional in the industry and she will help you to reduce the waste of your business with customized advice for the needs of your brand and team.

Denislava Dimitrova, Napredak Furniture

Meadows in the Mountains is proud to partner with Green Revolucia and Vera to help protect and regenerate the Bulgarian Rhodope mountains. Together we hope to achieve a zero waste environment and continue working with our community to create a wonderful future.

Aidan McKearney and Benjamin Sasse, Meadows in the mountains festival