Natural handcream Marigold


What is this product?

This Natural handcream Marigold  is a moisturizing hand cream which gets absorbed easily without leaving a trace on your skin, making it soft and hydrated without drying, ideal for the harsh winter season 🙂

*Made in Plovdiv, Bulgaria with love

What is the Natural handcream Marigold made of?

Ingredients: herbal distillate, marigold extract with cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, glycerol, aloe, beeswax, folic acid, essential oils: cedar and ylang-ylang

Storage instructions: keep at a dry and cool place, we recommend the fridge

Why should I choose the Natural handcream Marigold?

It is made locally and packaged sustainably in a glass container. Moreover, a percentage of the profit made of the sales of QQ Natural’s cosmetics support children in need, thank you for being part of this project 🙂

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