Universal natural cleaning detergent (suitable for washing the dishes, laundry, floor cleaner and surface scrubber) 190 ml


100% Natural

100% Biodegradable


Made in Plovdiv, Bulgaria with <3

In glass packaging

It can be used for:

  • washing the dishes
  • as a laundry detergent
  • floor cleaner
  • surface scrubber

Has an excellent cleaning and disinfecting action.

Its soap content helps for dissolving any oil on your plate/pan, it also decreases the pressure of water which helps for activating the superpowers of the other ingredients and as a result it gets your clothes cleaner than ever, it has a natural foam without added foaming agent, the saponified oil has a natural foam as well as a percentage of free plant glycerin (naturally synthesized during the saponification process) which has a positive effect on the skin.

Carbonated soda has pronounced antiseptic properties, which guarantees excellent cleaning even in the case of very dirty dishes, surfaces or clothes.

The complete disinfection is achieved by the antibacterial properties of the borax used (which has been used as a disinfectant in laboratories).

This universal cleaning detergent is completely biodegradable after use, does not pollute the environment and cannot poison the marine life and the oceans.

Unlike conventional detergents, which, even when rinsed with plenty of water, they still remain on the surface and can cause allergic reactions, this natural universal cleaning detergent is washed out completely with water just with a regular rinse.

Care for the people and the nature!

Ingredients: saponified coconut oil, borax (antibacterial natural mineral powder with pronounced antibacterial properties), calcined soda (antiseptic properties, natural origin)


As a laundry detergent : 2 table spoons for about 4.5-5 kg ​​machine load

Mix 1: 1 (detergent + water) for regular dishwashing
• In the case of greasy dishes/frying pans, use without mixing with water

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