Reusable Handmade Cotton makeup remover pads


A set of 10 makeup remover cotton pads

*Handmade here in Bulgaria with locally sourced cotton

*Goes perfectly with QQ Natural’s gentle make-up remover

We’re very happy to be able to provide a new source of income for the local seamstresses by introducing this adorable, eco-friendly product! You might be wondering why we have chosen the square shape? Well, after extensive research and consultation with designers and seastresses, it was clear that this was the most trash-free shape as the rest were producing a lot more fabric waste, so in our typical eco-passionate spirit, we went for square all in 🙂

Each set comes with a special mesh laundry bag which you can put together with your colorful clothes every time you do laundry 🙂

*The price is only for a set of 10 cotton make-up remover pads, the make-up remover is sold separately!


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