Pack of three reusable organic cotton pantyliners with PUL


Now for extra protection during daily discharge or light flow days, we introduce you to the Pantyliners with PUL

The difference between them and the pantyliners without PUL is the one extra layer of breathable PUL leakproof backing which makes them more absorbent.

Apart from that, they share the same characteristics with the pantyliners without PUL- size (18cm length x 7 cm width when clipped) , 3 ultra-absorbent cotton flannel layers inside, soft cotton flannel top and nickel-free plated snaps.

And again, with every set of pantyliners you purchase, you donate one cotton pad to a girl in India through Eco Femme’s “Pad for Pad” program.

Check out the inspirational Sophie Ollis’s review of these beauties from: here

And Shy’s cute little explanation guide about how to wear them from: here


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