Edible Vafe cup


*The indicated price is for a pack of 10 edible Vafe cups

What is this product?

This is the long-awaited substitute of your single-use disposable coffee cup, the edible Vafe cup. Do you know that 7 billion disposable cups end up in ladfil for only one day in England. Imagine what happens after a week, a month or a year. This is nearly as much as Bulgaria’s human population.

What can we do to stop that pollution?

Relax, you don’t need to stop drinking your morning coffee 🙂 Just make it tastier with Vafe

What is the edible Vafe cup made of?

Each cup contains oat bran, wheat flour, margarine, sugar, gluten, sodium alginate, xanthan gum, agar agar. May contain traces of salt and a mixture of spices

Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts100g20g% RI 20g
Calories1825 kJ

432 kCal

365,00 kJ

86,40 kCal




From which saturated

9,31 g

3,41 g

1,86 g

0,68 g




From which sugars

75,95 g

9,09 g

15,19 g

1,82 g



Fibers12,30 g2,46 g8,20 %
Proteins11,54 g2,31 g4,62 %
Salt0,41 g0,08 g1,37 %

How should I take care of my Edible Vafe cup?

Store it at a cool and dry place with a temperature of 10-25°C. You can consume your edible Vafe cup up to 7 months after the date of manufacture. Or if you’d like to have only 2-3 cups, you can store the remaining 7-8 in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.

What is the Vafe packaging made of?

Vafe comes in a cardboard box, wrapped inside in a paper pouch with 1 layer of plastic. Unfortunately, this is the only material that keeps moisture away. The manufacturing company is looking for more sustainable alternatives so if you have one in mind, give us a shout

Or if you need some ideas and inspiration for leading an eco-friendly lifestyle, check our Youtube channel

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