Vegan Natural Baby body milk


What is this product?

This Vegan Natural Baby body milk has a gentle, hydrating consistency with rich, nourishing properties. Takes great care of the baby’s skin supplying it with a rich complex of vitamins and beneficial fatty acids which are easily absorbed by the skin.

*** This product is very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin

What is this Vegan Natural Baby body milk made of?

Ingredients: hydrolate, coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, salicylic acid, natural essence-coconut

How do I take care of it?

Store at a cool, dry place with no direct sunlight, we recommend the fridge

Quantity: 220 ml

Why should I choose this product?

It is vegan, natural, made locally and packaged sustainably- in a glass container that you can repurpose or recycle afterwards, unlike the majority of the conventional cosmetics coming in plastic packaging which one cannot even recycle, let alone use for something else.

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